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Hej på er! Har ni haft en bra måndag so far?

Jag har haft en bra dag. Hade en kort dag i skolan med två prov på schemat! Ska inte ljuga, det var supersvårt. Så efter skolan blev vi belönade med en god sallad som vi köpte med oss från ett ställe vid Place Masséna. Sen blev det vila och lite plugg för min del. Och nu preppar jag inför Halloween! Woop. Det blir några som ska ut ikväll, så ska börja förbereda mig för utgång strax. Innan blir det en middag här hemma! + imorgon är vi lediga från skola! Hihi. Önskar er en fin kväll! <3

Hey you guys! Did you have a good day so far?

I had a good day. A very short one tho! We had "just" two classes today, where we did two french tests. And I'm not going to lie, it was superhard..!! So after school we treated ourselfs with a good sallad that we bought from a place at Place Masséna. After that I went home to rest and study a bit. And now I am preparing for Halloween! Woop. We are a few that is going out tonight, so I will get my self ready in a bit and eat dinner at home! + tomorrow there is no school. Hihi. Wish you all a great evening. <3

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/ Mitt halvår med EF 2016 /


Beautiful flowers from my boyfriend. <3 

Sallad with chicken and ham. Love sallad! Want to try some new sallad-places that I know about..hmm..so hungry now watching this picture!

Saw the cutest pillow in a small cute store at the Jean Médecin!...

...and there was a matching pillow for it also! So cute. <3

Bags, bags, bags at H&M! This bag is perfect for New Year's?

...a little reminder <3

All you need is love.<3

Someone who is up for a swim...? hehee, now it's really cold in the water I can imagine. The weather here is still nice! Arround 18 degrees?